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Who We Are

We are a group of passionate individuals solving hard problems with simple yet sophisticated solutions.

We won't claim to be the best at what we do but trust me we shall wow you in all aspects. We strongly believe in simplicity and sophistication. Web design, web development, mobile app development, domain name, web hosting and graphic design should be tailored specifically to the concept of the product or service. We have a wealth of industry-specific experience and trust our knowledge.


We believe in simplicity, always operated under strong values aimed at exceeding client needs. Our communication channels are always open—our relationship with our clients and users begins on the first day of contact, and only ends once they’re fully satisfied with our work.


Quality work that matches your budget. We wont promise state of the art work at a low budget but will promise exceptional yet high quality. We ensure prompt and timely delivery, proper commmunication and engagement with the user and or cleint.


Having the best solution is not only important but ensuring it is prompt and timely matters alot. Imagine if you created the best solution to serve a need and delivered it late? It would basically be best solution only on paper not solving anyone's needs.


Local is always a great start to conquer global. Small beginnings always lead to great endings. Think local and act global has made many successes. We solve local problems, replicate like a dominos effect and then becomes unstoppable.

Install soma now!

"Learn English and Swahili Daily" soma is a free application. Soma gives special attention to pronunciation and everyday communication.

Get soma on google play now!

Swahili Lessons

If you are planning to go on safari or have a gig in swahili speaking regions, this is the app for you. You have a child in school struggling to communicate in swahili, this is the app for you. Want to learn a new language for no freaking reason, soma is the app for you.


We are young and growing to become a center for entertainment. Login to your app during your free time and explore all the crazy stuff we have incorporated to keep you glued and entertained. You can create your own channel, upload videos and get own subscribers at no cost.


Reach a global market with your product and services at very low costs. We are building an interesting advertisement platform to reach soma community and beyond. We have come up with a simple way to upload your pictorial or video advert. We do not store your card details.

English Lessons

You have won a greencard and need to learn English in the shortest time possible at very low cost? Soma is the app for you. You have a colleague who is new to your country and wanna help him translate? Soma is the app to download. English with a coffee taste like twist.

Quiz Games

You no longer need to pass time or waste free time, just get Soma and play our simple quiz games, its not a standard exam app but an adventurous time waster that equips you with somewhat useful knowledge if you are curious enough. For the lazy ones just download and play.


Now now how do I phrase this? We offer you a free video vault from our community of users. You can also contribute by creating a channel and uploading your exciting videos. We currently do not charge any amount for consumers of the videos, lets to it to add value.

Our Work

These are some of our systems and applications, we are so excited to show them to you.


Learning app on google play

Project Link

This is a free learning application. We help you learn how to communicate and engage at all levels. Get app


See Demo

Project Link

Manage your mobile money agency or mpesa shops easily. Keep track of your staff, money and float realtime.


Free Messaging app

Project Link

WINK is a FREE messaging app available for Android smartphones. We provide an alternative to traditional SMS to send and receive messages. Get app

Mobile applications

Android & IOS

Project Link

With the explosive market that is on mobile devices, its high time you get your business a mobile application (Android/ IOS).

Domain & Hosting

Web Design, Personalized emails, Social media Marketing

Project Link

We help you get that www.domainname.you have been looking for. Website Hosting(1GB to unlimited space) We provide you with adequate space to host your website, application or emails on demand. Personalized emails(me@mycompany.com) We help setup personalized emails to easy your communication and build your credibility. Website Development Lets give you an identity online, give you a brand and shape your business according to modern trends and vintage ideas. Social media Marketing We help you set up, manage and run facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and instagram promotions, campaigns, engagements and advertisements at low

Result Sense

Software solution and software as a service

Project Link

We listen to your needs and buld a solution that satisfies your need and ensure business growth and continuity.


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Analytical and detail professional with stellar communication skills. Adept at bringing solutions to reach a common goal on time and within budget. Conceptualizing solutions with the latest technology, design theory, and a large dose of creativity. Committed to viable and easily functional systems and online solutions for clients.

Martin Wangai IT guy
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Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.

Robert Kubai Operations lead
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Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!

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